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Your Personal Horoscope

Birth date:
Birth time:   h m
City, county: Country:
Latitude, longitude, time zone:


To calculate your horoscope do following:
  1. Enter your name (specify a correct name - it will be specified in the reading text).
  2. Do not forgot to enter date and time of a birth. If time is not known, enter 12:00.
  3. Input name of your birth city (e.g. Belgrade) and choose a country from the list (e.g. Yugoslavia).
  4. Click "City" button to calculate it's geographical location and time zone.
    • If city found and a fields "Latitude, longitude, time zone" will filled, click "City" button again.
    • If cannot find city, input only some first letters of city name and try again.
    • If you'll see a list with any items, e.g.
      Belgrad, Serbia
      Belgrade, Serbia
      Choose line with correct city name (this may be synonyms) by clicking a mouse.
      After that a fields "Latitude, longitude, time zone" will filled.
      Click "City" button again.
  5. Click "Continue" button to proceed chart calculation.
  6. After that you will see the text consisting with data of astrological chart: planet's and houses longitudes, and your personal astrology reading.

If you see any problems in these data, please describe it by email, mentioned bottom of main zaytsev.com page.

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