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Public NIMA GNS Feature Designation Reference

Class    Class

Code     Name

  A     Administrative Boundary Features

  H     Hydrographic Features

  L     Area Features

  P     Populated Place Features

  R     Road / Railroad Features

  S     Spot Features

  T     Hypsographic Features 

  U     Undersea Features

  V     Vegetation Features

Feature   Feature    Feature

 Code      Class      Name

  ADM1       A       FIRST-ORDER ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION                    

  ADM2       A       SECOND-ORDER ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION                   

  ADM3       A       THIRD-ORDER ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION                    

  ADM4       A       FOURTH-ORDER ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION                   

  ADMD       A       ADMINISTRATIVE DIVISION                                

  ADMF       S       ADMINISTRATIVE FACILITY                                

  AGRC       L       AGRICULTURAL COLONY                                    

  AGRF       S       AGRICULTURAL FACILITY                                  

  AIRB       S       AIRBASE                                                

  AIRF       S       AIRFIELD                                               

  AIRH       S       HELIPORT                                               

  AIRP       S       AIRPORT                                                

  AIRQ       S       ABANDONED AIRFIELD                                     

  AIRS       H       SEAPLANE LANDING AREA                                  

  AMTH       S       AMPHITHEATER                                           

  ANCH       H       ANCHORAGE                                              

  ANS        S       ANCIENT SITE                                           

  APNU       U       APRON                                                  

  ARCH       S       ARCH                                                   

  ARCU       U       ARCH                                                   

  AREA       L       AREA                                                   

  ARRU       U       ARRUGADO                                               

  ASPH       T       ASPHALT LAKE                                           

  ASTR       S       ASTRONOMICAL STATION                                   

  ASYL       S       ASYLUM                                                 

  ATHF       S       ATHLETIC FIELD                                         

  ATOL       T       ATOLL(S)                                               

  BAR        T       BAR                                                    

  BAY        H       BAY                                                    

  BAYS       H       BAYS                                                   

  BCH        T       BEACH                                                  

  BCHS       T       BEACHES                                                

  BCN        S       BEACON                                                 

  BDG        S       BRIDGE                                                 

  BDGQ       S       RUINED BRIDGE                                          

  BDLD       T       BADLANDS                                               

  BDLU       U       BORDERLAND                                             

  BGHT       H       BIGHT(S)                                               

  BKSU       U       BANKS                                                  

  BLDG       S       BUILDING(S)                                            

  BLDR       T       BOULDER FIELD                                          

  BLHL       T       BLOWHOLE(S)                                            

  BLOW       T       BLOWOUT(S)                                             

  BNCH       T       BENCH                                                  

  BNCU       U       BENCH                                                  

  BNK        H       BANK(S)                                                

  BNKR       H       STREAM BANK                                            

  BNKU       U       BANK                                                   

  BNKX       H       SECTION OF BANK                                        

  BOG        H       BOG(S)                                                 

  BP         S       BOUNDARY MARKER                                        

  BRKS       S       BARRACKS                                               

  BRKW       S       BREAKWATER                                             

  BSND       L       DRAINAGE BASIN                                         

  BSNP       L       PETROLEUM BASIN                                        

  BSNU       U       BASIN                                                  

  BSTN       S       BALING STATION                                         

  BTL        L       BATTLEFIELD                                            

  BTYD       S       BOATYARD                                               

  BUR        S       BURIAL CAVE(S)                                         

  BUSH       V       BUSH(ES)                                               

  BUTE       T       BUTTE(S)                                               

  CAPE       T       CAPE                                                   

  CAPG       H       ICECAP                                                 

  CARN       S       CAIRN                                                  

  CAVE       S       CAVE(S)                                                

  CDAU       U       CORDILLERA                                             

  CFT        T       CLEFT(S)                                               

  CH         S       CHURCH                                                 

  CHN        H       CHANNEL                                                

  CHNL       H       LAKE CHANNEL(S)                                        

  CHNM       H       MARINE CHANNEL                                         

  CHNN       H       NAVIGATION CHANNEL                                     

  CLDA       T       CALDERA                                                

  CLF        T       CLIFF(S)                                               

  CLG        L       CLEARING                                               

  CMN        L       COMMON                                                 

  CMP        S       CAMP(S)                                                

  CMPL       S       LOGGING CAMP                                           

  CMPLA      S       LABOR CAMP                                             

  CMPMN      S       MINING CAMP                                            

  CMPO       S       OIL CAMP                                               

  CMPQ       S       ABANDONED CAMP                                         

  CMPRF      S       REFUGEE CAMP                                           

  CMTY       S       CEMETERY                                               

  CNFL       H       CONFLUENCE                                             

  CNL        H       CANAL                                                  

  CNLA       H       AQUEDUCT                                               

  CNLB       H       CANAL BEND                                             

  CNLD       H       DRAINAGE CANAL                                         

  CNLI       H       IRRIGATION CANAL                                       

  CNLN       H       NAVIGATION CANAL(S)                                    

  CNLQ       H       ABANDONED CANAL                                        

  CNLSB      H       UNDERGROUND IRRIGATION CANAL(S)                        

  CNLX       H       SECTION OF CANAL                                       

  CNS        L       CONCESSION AREA                                        

  CNSU       U       CANYONS                                                

  CNYN       T       CANYON                                                 

  CNYU       U       CANYON                                                 

  COLF       L       COALFIELD                                              

  COMC       S       COMMUNICATION CENTER                                   

  CONE       T       CONE(S)                                                

  COVE       H       COVE(S)                                                

  CRDR       T       CORRIDOR                                               

  CRKT       H       TIDAL CREEK(S)                                         

  CRNT       H       CURRENT                                                

  CRQ        T       CIRQUE                                                 

  CRQS       T       CIRQUES                                                

  CRRL       S       CORRAL(S)                                              

  CRSU       U       CONTINENTAL RISE                                       

  CRTR       T       CRATER(S)                                              

  CSNO       S       CASINO                                                 

  CST        L       COAST                                                  

  CSTL       S       CASTLE                                                 

  CSTM       S       CUSTOMS HOUSE                                          

  CSWY       R       CAUSEWAY                                               

  CSWYQ      R       FORMER CAUSEWAY                                        

  CTHSE      S       COURTHOUSE                                             

  CTRA       S       ATOMIC CENTER                                          

  CTRB       L       BUSINESS CENTER                                        

  CTRCM      S       COMMUNITY CENTER                                       

  CTRF       S       FACILITY CENTER                                        

  CTRM       S       MEDICAL CENTER                                         

  CTRR       S       RELIGIOUS CENTER                                       

  CTRS       S       SPACE CENTER                                           

  CUET       T       CUESTA(S)                                              

  CULT       V       CULTIVATED AREA                                        

  CUTF       H       CUTOFF                                                 

  CVNT       S       CONVENT                                                

  DAM        S       DAM                                                    

  DAMQ       S       RUINED DAM                                             

  DAMSB      S       SUB-SURFACE DAM                                        

  DARY       S       DAIRY                                                  

  DCK        H       DOCK(S)                                                

  DCKB       H       DOCKING BASIN                                          

  DCKD       S       DRY DOCK                                               

  DCKY       S       DOCKYARD                                               

  DEPU       U       DEEP                                                   

  DEVH       L       HOUSING DEVELOPMENT                                    

  DIKE       S       DIKE                                                   

  DLTA       T       DELTA                                                  

  DOMG       H       ICECAP DOME                                            

  DPOF       S       FUEL DEPOT                                             

  DPR        T       DEPRESSION(S)                                          

  DPRG       H       ICECAP DEPRESSION                                      

  DSRT       T       DESERT                                                 

  DTCH       H       DITCH                                                  

  DTCHD      H       DRAINAGE DITCH                                         

  DTCHI      H       IRRIGATION DITCH                                       

  DTCHM      H       DITCH MOUTH(S)                                         

  DUNE       T       DUNE(S)                                                

  DVD        T       DIVIDE                                                 

  EDGU       U       SHELF EDGE                                             

  ERG        T       SANDY DESERT                                           

  ESCU       U       ESCARPMENT (OR SCARP)                                  

  EST        S       ESTATE(S)                                              

  ESTB       S       BANANA PLANTATION                                      

  ESTC       S       COTTON PLANTATION                                      

  ESTO       S       OIL PALM PLANTATION                                    

  ESTR       S       RUBBER PLANTATION                                      

  ESTSG      S       SUGAR PLANTATION                                       

  ESTSL      S       SISAL PLANTATION                                       

  ESTT       S       TEA PLANTATION                                         

  ESTX       S       SECTION OF ESTATE                                      

  ESTY       H       ESTUARY                                                

  FAN        T       FAN(S)                                                 

  FANU       U       FAN                                                    

  FCL        S       FACILITY                                               

  FISH       H       FISHING AREA                                           

  FJD        H       FJORD                                                  

  FJDS       H       FJORDS                                                 

  FLD        L       FIELD(S)                                               

  FLDI       L       IRRIGATED FIELD(S)                                     

  FLLS       H       WATERFALL(S)                                           

  FLLSX      H       SECTION OF WATERFALL(S)                                

  FLTM       H       MUD FLAT(S)                                            

  FLTT       H       TIDAL FLAT(S)                                          

  FLTU       U       FLAT                                                   

  FNDY       S       FOUNDRY                                                

  FORD       T       FORD                                                   

  FRKU       U       FORK                                                   

  FRM        S       FARM                                                   

  FRMQ       S       ABANDONED FARM                                         

  FRMS       S       FARMS                                                  

  FRMT       S       FARMSTEAD                                              

  FRST       V       FOREST(S)                                              

  FRSTF      V       FOSSILIZED FOREST                                      

  FRSU       U       FORKS                                                  

  FRZU       U       FRACTURE ZONE                                          

  FSR        T       FISSURE                                                

  FT         S       FORT                                                   

  FURU       U       FURROW                                                 

  FY         S       FERRY                                                  

  GAP        T       GAP                                                    

  GAPU       U       GAP                                                    

  GASF       L       GASFIELD                                               

  GATE       S       GATE                                                   

  GDN        S       GARDEN(S)                                              

  GHSE       S       GUEST HOUSE                                            

  GLCR       H       GLACIER(S)                                             

  GLYU       U       GULLY                                                  

  GOSP       S       GAS-OIL SEPARATOR PLANT                                

  GRAZ       L       GRAZING AREA                                           

  GRGE       T       GORGE(S)                                               

  GRSLD      V       GRASSLAND                                              

  GRVC       V       COCONUT GROVE                                          

  GRVE       S       GRAVE                                                  

  GRVO       V       OLIVE GROVE                                            

  GRVP       V       PALM GROVE                                             

  GRVPN      V       PINE GROVE                                             

  GULF       H       GULF                                                   

  GVL        L       GRAVEL AREA                                            

  GYSR       H       GEYSER                                                 

  HBR        H       HARBOR(S)                                              

  HBRX       H       SECTION OF HARBOR                                      

  HDLD       T       HEADLAND                                               

  HERM       S       HERMITAGE                                              

  HLL        T       HILL                                                   

  HLLS       T       HILLS                                                  

  HLLU       U       HILL                                                   

  HLSU       U       HILLS                                                  

  HLT        S       HALTING PLACE                                          

  HMCK       T       HAMMOCK(S)                                             

  HMDA       T       ROCK DESERT                                            

  HOLU       U       HOLE                                                   

  HSE        S       HOUSE(S)                                               

  HSEC       S       COUNTRY HOUSE                                          

  HSP        S       HOSPITAL                                               

  HSPC       S       CLINIC                                                 

  HSPD       S       DISPENSARY                                             

  HSPL       S       LEPROSARIUM                                            

  HSTS       S       HISTORICAL SITE                                        

  HTH        V       HEATH                                                  

  HTL        S       HOTEL                                                  

  HUT        S       HUT                                                    

  HUTS       S       HUTS                                                   

  INDS       L       INDUSTRIAL AREA                                        

  INLT       H       INLET                                                  

  INLTQ      H       FORMER INLET                                           

  INSM       S       MILITARY INSTALLATION                                  

  INTF       T       INTERFLUVE                                             

  ISL        T       ISLAND                                                 

  ISLF       T       ARTIFICIAL ISLAND                                      

  ISLM       T       MANGROVE ISLAND                                        

  ISLS       T       ISLANDS                                                

  ISLT       T       LAND-TIED ISLAND                                       

  ISLX       T       SECTION OF ISLAND                                      

  ISTH       T       ISTHMUS                                                

  ITTR       S       RESEARCH INSTITUTE                                     

  JTY        S       JETTY                                                  

  KNLU       U       KNOLL                                                  

  KNSU       U       KNOLLS                                                 

  KRST       T       KARST AREA                                             

  LAND       L       ARCTIC LAND                                            

  LAVA       T       LAVA AREA                                              

  LBED       H       LAKE BED(S)                                            

  LCTY       L       LOCALITY                                               

  LDGU       U       LEDGE                                                  

  LDNG       S       LANDING                                                

  LEPC       S       LEPER COLONY                                           

  LEV        T       LEVEE                                                  

  LEVU       U       LEVEE                                                  

  LGN        H       LAGOON                                                 

  LGNS       H       LAGOONS                                                

  LGNX       H       SECTION OF LAGOON                                      

  LK         H       LAKE                                                   

  LKC        H       CRATER LAKE                                            

  LKI        H       INTERMITTENT LAKE                                      

  LKN        H       SALT LAKE                                              

  LKNI       H       INTERMITTENT SALT LAKE                                 

  LKO        H       OXBOW LAKE                                             

  LKOI       H       INTERMITTENT OXBOW LAKE                                

  LKS        H       LAKES                                                  

  LKSB       H       UNDERGROUND LAKE                                       

  LKSC       H       CRATER LAKES                                           

  LKSI       H       INTERMITTENT LAKES                                     

  LKSN       H       SALT LAKES                                             

  LKSNI      H       INTERMITTENT SALT LAKES                                

  LKX        H       SECTION OF LAKE                                        

  LOCK       S       LOCK(S)                                                

  LTER       A       LEASED AREA                                            

  LTHSE      S       LIGHTHOUSE                                             

  MAR        S       MARINA                                                 

  MDVU       U       MEDIAN VALLEY                                          

  MDW        V       MEADOW                                                 

  MESA       T       MESA(S)                                                

  MESU       U       MESA                                                   

  MFG        S       FACTORY                                                

  MFGB       S       BREWERY                                                

  MFGC       S       CANNERY                                                

  MFGCU      S       COPPER WORKS                                           

  MFGLM      S       LIMEKILN                                               

  MFGM       S       MUNITIONS PLANT                                        

  MFGN       H       SALT EVAPORATION PONDS                                 

  MFGPH      S       PHOSPHATE WORKS                                        

  MFGQ       S       ABANDONED FACTORY                                      

  MFGSG      S       SUGAR REFINERY                                         

  MGV        H       MANGROVE SWAMP                                         

  MILB       L       MILITARY BASE                                          

  MKT        S       MARKET                                                 

  ML         S       MILL(S)                                                

  MLM        S       ORE TREATMENT PLANT                                    

  MLO        S       OLIVE OIL MILL                                         

  MLSG       S       SUGAR MILL                                             

  MLSGQ      S       FORMER SUGAR MILL                                      

  MLSW       S       SAWMILL                                                

  MLWND      S       WINDMILL                                               

  MLWTR      S       WATER MILL                                             

  MN         S       MINE(S)                                                

  MNA        L       MINING AREA                                            

  MNAU       S       GOLD MINE(S)                                           

  MNC        S       COAL MINE(S)                                           

  MNCR       S       CHROME MINE(S)                                         

  MNCU       S       COPPER MINE(S)                                         

  MND        T       MOUND(S)                                               

  MNDT       S       DIATOMITE MINE(S)                                      

  MNDU       U       MOUND                                                  

  MNFE       S       IRON MINE(S)                                           

  MNMT       S       MONUMENT                                               

  MNN        S       SALT MINE(S)                                           

  MNNI       S       NICKEL MINE(S)                                         

  MNPB       S       LEAD MINE(S)                                           

  MNPL       S       PLACER MINE(S)                                         

  MNQ        S       ABANDONED MINE                                         

  MNQR       S       QUARRY(-IES)                                           

  MNSN       S       TIN MINE(S)                                            

  MOLE       S       MOLE                                                   

  MOOR       H       MOOR(S)                                                

  MOTU       U       MOAT                                                   

  MRN        T       MORAINE                                                

  MRSH       H       MARSH(ES)                                              

  MRSHN      H       SALT MARSH                                             

  MSQE       S       MOSQUE                                                 

  MSSN       S       MISSION                                                

  MSSNQ      S       ABANDONED MISSION                                      

  MSTY       S       MONASTERY                                              

  MT         T       MOUNTAIN                                               

  MTS        T       MOUNTAINS                                              

  MTSU       U       MOUNTAINS                                              

  MTU        U       MOUNTAIN                                               

  MUS        S       MUSEUM                                                 

  MVA        L       MANEUVER AREA                                          

  NKM        T       MEANDER NECK                                           

  NOV        S       NOVITIATE                                              

  NRWS       H       NARROWS                                                

  NSY        S       NURSERY(-IES)                                          

  NTK        T       NUNATAK                                                

  NTKS       T       NUNATAKS                                               

  NVB        L       NAVAL BASE                                             

  OAS        L       OASIS(-ES)                                             

  OBPT       S       OBSERVATION POINT                                      

  OBS        S       OBSERVATORY                                            

  OBSR       S       RADIO OBSERVATORY                                      

  OCH        V       ORCHARD(S)                                             

  OCN        H       OCEAN                                                  

  OILF       L       OILFIELD                                               

  OILJ       S       OIL PIPELINE JUNCTION                                  

  OILP       R       OIL PIPELINE                                           

  OILQ       S       ABANDONED OIL WELL                                     

  OILR       S       OIL REFINERY                                           

  OILT       S       TANK FARM                                              

  OILW       S       OIL WELL                                               

  OVF        H       OVERFALLS                                              

  PAL        S       PALACE                                                 

  PAN        T       PAN                                                    

  PANS       T       PANS                                                   

  PASS       T       PASS                                                   

  PCL        A       POLITICAL ENTITY                                       

  PCLD       A       DEPENDENT POLITICAL ENTITY                             

  PCLF       A       FREELY ASSOCIATED STATE                                

  PCLI       A       INDEPENDENT POLITICAL ENTITY                           


  PCLS       A       SEMI-INDEPENDENT POLITICAL ENTITY                      

  PEAT       L       PEAT CUTTING AREA                                      

  PEN        T       PENINSULA                                              

  PENX       T       SECTION OF PENINSULA                                   

  PGDA       S       PAGODA                                                 

  PIER       S       PIER                                                   

  PK         T       PEAK                                                   

  PKLT       S       PARKING LOT                                            

  PKS        T       PEAKS                                                  

  PKSU       U       PEAKS                                                  

  PKU        U       PEAK                                                   

  PLAT       T       PLATEAU                                                

  PLATX      T       SECTION OF PLATEAU                                     

  PLDR       T       POLDER                                                 

  PLFU       U       PLATFORM                                               

  PLN        T       PLAIN(S)                                               

  PLNU       U       PLAIN                                                  

  PLNX       T       SECTION OF PLAIN                                       

  PLTU       U       PLATEAU                                                

  PMPO       S       OIL PUMPING STATION                                    

  PMPW       S       WATER PUMPING STATION                                  

  PND        H       POND                                                   

  PNDI       H       INTERMITTENT POND                                      

  PNDN       H       SALT POND                                              

  PNDNI      H       INTERMITTENT SALT POND(S)                              

  PNDS       H       PONDS                                                  

  PNDSF      H       FISHPONDS                                              

  PNDSI      H       INTERMITTENT PONDS                                     

  PNDSN      H       SALT PONDS                                             

  PNLU       U       PINNACLE                                               

  PO         S       POST OFFICE                                            

  POOL       H       POOL(S)                                                

  POOLI      H       INTERMITTENT POOL                                      

  PP         S       POLICE POST                                            

  PPL        P       POPULATED PLACE                                        



  PPLL       P       POPULATED LOCALITY                                     

  PPLQ       P       ABANDONED POPULATED PLACE                              

  PPLR       P       RELIGIOUS POPULATED PLACE                              

  PPLS       P       POPULATED PLACES                                       

  PPLW       P       DESTROYED POPULATED PLACE                              

  PPLX       P       SECTION OF POPULATED PLACE                             

  PPQ        S       ABANDONED POLICE POST                                  

  PRK        L       PARK                                                   

  PRKGT      S       PARK GATE                                              

  PRKHQ      S       PARK HEADQUARTERS                                      

  PRMN       R       PROMENADE                                              

  PRN        S       PRISON                                                 

  PRNJ       S       REFORMATORY                                            

  PRNQ       S       ABANDONED PRISON                                       

  PROM       T       PROMONTORY(-IES)                                       

  PRSH       A       PARISH                                                 

  PRT        L       PORT                                                   

  PRVU       U       PROVINCE                                               

  PS         S       POWER STATION                                          

  PSH        S       HYDROELECTRIC POWER STATION                            

  PSTB       S       BORDER POST                                            

  PSTC       S       CUSTOMS POST                                           

  PSTP       S       PATROL POST                                            

  PT         T       POINT                                                  

  PTGE       R       PORTAGE                                                

  PTS        T       POINTS                                                 

  PYR        S       PYRAMID                                                

  PYRS       S       PYRAMIDS                                               

  QCKS       L       QUICKSAND                                              

  QUAY       S       QUAY                                                   

  RAVU       U       RAVINE                                                 

  RCH        H       REACH                                                  

  RD         R       ROAD                                                   

  RDA        R       ANCIENT ROAD                                           

  RDB        R       ROAD BEND                                              

  RDCUT      R       ROAD CUT                                               

  RDGB       T       BEACH RIDGE                                            

  RDGE       T       RIDGE(S)                                               

  RDGG       H       ICECAP RIDGE                                           

  RDGU       U       RIDGE                                                  

  RDJCT      R       ROAD JUNCTION                                          

  RDST       H       ROADSTEAD                                              

  RDSU       U       RIDGES                                                 

  RECG       S       GOLF COURSE                                            

  RECR       S       RACETRACK                                              

  REG        T       STONY DESERT                                           

  RES        L       RESERVE                                                

  RESA       L       AGRICULTURAL RESERVE                                   

  RESF       L       FOREST RESERVE                                         

  RESH       L       HUNTING RESERVE                                        

  RESN       L       NATURE RESERVE                                         

  RESP       L       PALM TREE RESERVE                                      

  RESV       L       RESERVATION                                            

  RESW       L       WILDLIFE RESERVE                                       

  RF         H       REEF(S)                                                

  RFC        H       CORAL REEF(S)                                          

  RFSU       U       REEFS                                                  

  RFU        U       REEF                                                   

  RFX        H       SECTION OF REEF                                        

  RGN        L       REGION                                                 

  RGNE       L       ECONOMIC REGION                                        

  RGNL       L       LAKE REGION                                            

  RHSE       S       RESTHOUSE                                              

  RISU       U       RISE                                                   

  RJCT       R       RAILROAD JUNCTION                                      

  RK         T       ROCK                                                   

  RKFL       T       ROCKFALL                                               

  RKRY       S       ROOKERY                                                

  RKS        T       ROCKS                                                  

  RLG        S       RELIGIOUS SITE                                         

  RLGR       S       RETREAT                                                

  RMPU       U       RAMP                                                   

  RNCH       S       RANCH(ES)                                              

  RNGA       L       ARTILLERY RANGE                                        

  RNGU       U       RANGE                                                  

  RPDS       H       RAPIDS                                                 

  RR         R       RAILROAD                                               

  RRQ        R       ABANDONED RAILROAD                                     

  RSD        S       RAILROAD SIDING                                        


  RSRT       S       RESORT                                                 

  RSTN       S       RAILROAD STATION                                       

  RSTNQ      S       ABANDONED RAILROAD STATION                             

  RSTP       S       RAILROAD STOP                                          

  RSTPQ      S       ABANDONED RAILROAD STOP                                

  RSV        H       RESERVOIR(S)                                           

  RSVI       H       INTERMITTENT RESERVOIR                                 

  RSVT       H       WATER TANK                                             

  RTE        R       CARAVAN ROUTE                                          

  RUIN       S       RUIN(S)                                                

  RVN        H       RAVINE(S)                                              

  RYD        R       RAILROAD YARD                                          

  SALT       L       SALT AREA                                              

  SAND       L       SAND AREA                                              

  SBED       T       DRY STREAM BED                                         

  SBKH       H       SABKHA(S)                                              

  SCH        S       SCHOOL                                                 

  SCHA       S       AGRICULTURAL SCHOOL                                    

  SCHC       S       COLLEGE                                                

  SCHM       S       MILITARY SCHOOL                                        

  SCHN       S       MARITIME SCHOOL                                        

  SCNU       U       SEACHANNEL                                             

  SCRB       V       SCRUBLAND                                              

  SCRP       T       ESCARPMENT                                             

  SCSU       U       SEACHANNELS                                            

  SD         H       SOUND                                                  

  SDL        T       SADDLE                                                 

  SDLU       U       SADDLE                                                 

  SEA        H       SEA                                                    

  SHFU       U       SHELF                                                  

  SHLU       U       SHOAL                                                  

  SHOL       H       SHOAL(S)                                               

  SHOR       T       SHORE                                                  

  SHPF       S       SHEEPFOLD                                              

  SHRN       S       SHRINE                                                 

  SHSE       S       STOREHOUSE                                             

  SHSU       U       SHOALS                                                 

  SHVU       U       SHELF VALLEY                                           

  SILL       H       SILL                                                   

  SILU       U       SILL                                                   

  SINK       T       SINKHOLE                                               

  SLCE       S       SLUICE                                                 

  SLID       T       SLIDE                                                  

  SLP        T       SLOPE(S)                                               

  SLPU       U       SLOPE                                                  

  SMSU       U       SEAMOUNTS                                              

  SMU        U       SEAMOUNT                                               

  SNOW       L       SNOWFIELD                                              

  SNTR       S       SANITARIUM                                             

  SPA        S       SPA                                                    

  SPIT       T       SPIT                                                   

  SPLY       S       SPILLWAY                                               

  SPNG       H       SPRING(S)                                              

  SPNS       H       SULPHUR SPRING(S)                                      

  SPNT       H       HOT SPRING(S)                                          

  SPRU       U       SPUR                                                   

  SPUR       T       SPUR(S)                                                

  SQR        S       SQUARE                                                 

  ST         R       STREET                                                 

  STBL       S       STABLE                                                 

  STDM       S       STADIUM                                                

  STKR       R       STOCK ROUTE                                            

  STLMT      P       ISRAELI SETTLEMENT                                     

  STM        H       STREAM                                                 

  STMA       H       ANABRANCH                                              

  STMB       H       STREAM BEND                                            

  STMC       H       CANALIZED STREAM                                       

  STMD       H       DISTRIBUTARY(-IES)                                     

  STMH       H       HEADWATERS                                             

  STMI       H       INTERMITTENT STREAM                                    

  STMIX      H       SECTION OF INTERMITTENT STREAM                         

  STMM       H       STREAM MOUTH(S)                                        

  STMQ       H       ABANDONED WATERCOURSE                                  

  STMS       H       STREAMS                                                

  STMSB      H       LOST RIVER                                             

  STMX       H       SECTION OF STREAM                                      

  STNB       S       SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH BASE                               

  STNC       S       COAST GUARD STATION                                    

  STNE       S       EXPERIMENT STATION                                     

  STNF       S       FOREST STATION                                         

  STNI       S       INSPECTION STATION                                     

  STNM       S       METEOROLOGICAL STATION                                 

  STNR       S       RADIO STATION                                          

  STNS       S       SATELLITE STATION                                      

  STNW       S       WHALING STATION                                        

  STPS       S       STEPS                                                  

  STRT       H       STRAIT                                                 

  SWMP       H       SWAMP                                                  

  SYSI       H       IRRIGATION SYSTEM                                      

  TAL        T       TALUS SLOPE                                            

  TERR       A       TERRITORY                                              

  TERU       U       TERRACE                                                

  TMB        S       TOMB(S)                                                

  TMPL       S       TEMPLE(S)                                              

  TMSU       U       TABLEMOUNTS (OR GUYOTS)                                

  TMTU       U       TABLEMOUNT (OR GUYOT)                                  

  TNGU       U       TONGUE                                                 

  TNKD       S       CATTLE DIPPING TANK                                    

  TNL        R       TUNNEL                                                 

  TNLC       H       CANAL TUNNEL                                           

  TNLN       R       NATURAL TUNNEL                                         

  TNLRD      R       ROAD TUNNEL                                            

  TNLRR      R       RAILROAD TUNNEL                                        

  TNLS       R       TUNNELS                                                

  TOWR       S       TOWER                                                  

  TRB        L       TRIBAL AREA                                            

  TREE       V       TREE(S)                                                

  TRGD       T       INTERDUNE TROUGH(S)                                    

  TRGU       U       TROUGH                                                 

  TRIG       S       TRIANGULATION STATION                                  

  TRL        R       TRAIL                                                  

  TRMO       S       OIL PIPELINE TERMINAL                                  

  TRNU       U       TRENCH                                                 

  TRR        T       TERRACE                                                

  TUND       V       TUNDRA                                                 

  UPLD       T       UPLAND                                                 


  VAL        T       VALLEY                                                 

  VALG       T       HANGING VALLEY                                         

  VALS       T       VALLEYS                                                

  VALU       U       VALLEY                                                 

  VALX       T       SECTION OF VALLEY                                      

  VETF       S       VETERINARY FACILITY                                    

  VIN        V       VINEYARD                                               

  VINS       V       VINEYARDS                                              

  VLC        T       VOLCANO                                                

  VLSU       U       VALLEYS                                                

  WAD        H       WADI                                                   

  WADB       H       WADI BEND                                              

  WADJ       H       WADI JUNCTION                                          

  WADM       H       WADI MOUTH                                             

  WADS       H       WADIES                                                 

  WADX       H       SECTION OF WADI                                        

  WALL       S       WALL                                                   

  WALLA      S       ANCIENT WALL                                           

  WEIR       S       WEIR(S)                                                

  WHRF       S       WHARF(-VES)                                            

  WHRL       H       WHIRLPOOL                                              

  WLL        H       WELL                                                   

  WLLQ       H       ABANDONED WELL                                         

  WLLS       H       WELLS                                                  

  WRCK       S       WRECK                                                  

  WTLD       H       WETLAND                                                

  WTLDI      H       INTERMITTENT WETLAND                                   

  WTRC       H       WATERCOURSE                                            

  WTRH       H       WATERHOLE(S)                                           

  WTRW       S       WATERWORKS                                             

  ZN         A       ZONE                                                   

  ZNB        A       BUFFER ZONE                                            

  ZNF        S       FREE TRADE ZONE                                        

  ZNL        A       LEASED ZONE                                            

  ZOO        S       ZOO                                                    

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